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Propellers for Gyrocopters


The history of gyrocopters dates back to 1923 and the Spanish designer Juan de la Civera. After many improvements in the 1930's, the "autogyro" found use as observation craft in WWII and later had some limited commercial use. The real popularity of the concept began with Dr. Igor Benson's patented "Gyrocopter" in 1952. This is the most copied design of the gyro. The Air Command company produced thousands of gyrocopters, powered with the Rotax 447 and 503. The Ultra-Prop was the standard prop on these popular machines. Air Command's Dennis Fetters also designed and built the Mini 500 helicopter and other unique gyros and helicopters and still builds custom rotor blades.

If you are designing or building a small gyrocopter, consider the Ultra-Prop. We will help you select the best unit for your application. The relatively slow speed of the craft makes the Ultra-prop's blade planform ideal.

Visit the official home of the gyroplane at www.PRA.org for more information about this fun sport. Check out YouTube.com for videos of flying gyroplanes.