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Two, Three, and Four Blade Composite Propellers for Ultralight Aircraft Since 1983

The Ultra-Prop: Ultimate Props for Ultralights

Competition Aircraft is the home of the Ultra-Prop, a high performance composite propeller designed for use on ultralight aircraft including ultralight trikes, gyrocopters, and powered parachutes. The Ultra-Prop is also compatible with airboats, hovercraft, and airdrives for Flounder gigging and bow fishing.

The Ultra-Prop Propellers and propeller components we feature are manufactured for easy assembly and long life. Choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 blade propellers and select the ideal pitch and optimum diameter to suit your craft (up to 59" on 2, 3, and 4 blade propellers, 60" on 5 blade propellers, and 60 1/2" on 6 blade propellers). You will hear and feel the remarkable difference an Ultra-Prop makes on your first flight.

New digital propeller protractor available! Click here to learn more.
  • Lowest cost adjustable pitch prop in the world - 33 years in production - over 17,000 sold - satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Unique pitch block system holds blades at exact angle -- no protractor required.

  • All Ultra-Prop blades are identical and interchangeable -- featuring perfect balance and exceptionally smooth performance with tough, glass reinforced nylon material making them ideal for water or rough field operation.

  • Prices start at a low $250 for a 2-blade Ultra-Prop standard kit.

  • New spinner kit including mounting bracket and hardware for Ultra-Prop and Brolga tractor and pusher applications (not available for 5 and 6 blade propellers).

  • Check out our Propeller Recommendations for recommended Ultra-Prop combinations.

  • Assembly Instructions: Download in PDF format.

Coming Soon: The Ultra Prop II

Later ths year we're planning to introduce the Ultra-Prop II, a newly designed blade with optimum twist and a new engineering thermoplastic resin with carbon reinforcement.

This new series of 66" (and smaller) diameter 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 blade Ultra-Props will handle at least 24 HP/blade, making it a great choice for engines from 20 HP to over 100 HP.

To read the full story of how we developed the new Ultra-Prop II, click here to see our flier.

Spinners now available!
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Ultralight Aircraft Parts
Please note: Spinners are not included with propeller
kits, but can be purchased separately.

Contact Us for a free brochure and prop selection charts. And be prepared for smooth, carefree flying when you choose the Ultra-Prop!